“Finding Work/Life Balance in the Face of the Unexpected”

“What I couldn’t easily explain at the time — except to those close to us — was that our youngest child had some delays that had become increasingly apparent while I was in school, and we’d begun to suspect that she was on the autism spectrum. We had every reason to feel hopeful; to expect that she would continue to progress, with support, and have a full and happy life. Still, I could not imagine working full-time outside the home and getting her the support she needed, not with multiple speech and occupational therapy appointments every week. Like many parents, I had always hoped to find a flexible job. Now, the freedom to set my own hours seemed less like a luxury I could take or leave, and more of a necessity if I wanted to work at all…
I should be doing more,” I say from time to time, feeling guilty, even though there aren’t enough hours in the day. “How?” Dan always asks. “How could you possibly do any more? You’re already doing everything you can, and then some.”
We do try to prioritize our relationship and make time for one another, but I worry that he is overextended — and I know he has the same worries for me. How long, I sometimes wonder, can we possibly keep this up?”

Just, wow, parenting.

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