“How a password changed my life.”

“Of course, there were clear indicators of what I needed to do -or what I had to achieve- in order to regain control of my life, but we often don’t pay attention to these clues.
My password became the indicator. My password reminded me that I shouldn’t let myself be victim of my recent break up, and that I’m strong enough to do something about it. My password became: Forgive@h3r””

I have to reset my password at work soon, and I am so glad that I read this article first ☺ it’s such a constant part of our lives, I am almost surprised that using passwords as positive reminders hadn’t already happened.

Now what other annoying but necessary things can be made productive? Maybe like, every time I do the laundry I will think about washing away something stressful. Every time I finally get around to folding my clothes and putting them away I could hide an encouraging note to myself for a surprise later.