“The Mexicans are making super meth, like that Breaking Bad stuff. That shit is pure, ain’t no cooks in the hood, and if there were, the Mexicans would put them out of business. I was selling it, getting it from the Mexicans, but I had to stop. I have kids. I don’t want them around the cyrstal meth world, it’s too dangerous. I made a lot of money off that shit, but weed offers a better opportunity. I went and got a legalized card and documents so that I can sell it. I got my own dispensary now…
The media is not reporting on it. It’s an epidemic in LA. That shit is fucking the Blacks up in the hood. It’s destroying a lot of people I know. You don’t expect to see Blacks using it like that, but the Blacks are using it in LA and there’s a lot of Blacks in LA. I got homeys going to jail for dumb shit off that shit. They tweaking doing stupid shit, shit they never thought they’d do. That meth is killing them, dude. Trust me, it’s killing them. It’s a plague on our community right now.”
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