“‘I’m Really Rich’: Donald Trump and the Art of Having No Shame”

“The escalator lowers him past a banner that reads “TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” Make America totally awesome. Make America rad as fuck. Make America’s dick so big they’ll need multiple computer monitors to see all of it when he emails it to the Chinese to ask for our money back. He walks on stage and, for a moment, bobs his head to Neil Young like it is a virus slowly infecting his brain…
There are no stakes because he has never contributed to the conversation. He is making fart noises in the back of a symposium on veganism or recycling. It is a wonder that he has not proposed a reality show in which $100 bills are glued to the streets of impoverished neighborhoods, and on the back, if you win, are condo listings and a phone number. He has never heard of shame, no idea what you’re talking about, I want to see shame’s birth certificate, I’m just saying we’ve never seen it physically, how can we know that it’s real?”

By the guy who wrote the essay on the American Bro that I posted a little while ago; this is similarly excellent.

It scares me right now that he is feeling more relevant, that it feels important to explain him instead of distantly saying ‘huh’ and then moving on with our day; it scares me that, apparently, I know someone who is planning to vote for him — someone who is open about resonating with the idea that there are too many immigrants. It scares me that there is this level of support for his most repugnant statements.

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(and I guess I have read more about him — but really, only this and one other article. I’m making exceptions for high quality)

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