“Jimmy Kimmel Tears Into Everyone Who Came After Him for Speaking Out About Health Care, and It’s Glorious”

“Just as senators like Cassidy rely on people being unwilling to call them liars for the sake of civility — Lindsey Graham described it as “inappropriate” on Wednesday — other people in the media ecosystem rely on a certain amount of professional courtesy, an understanding that, no matter what position a person might publicly take on an issue, everyone’s in the entertainment business, you can’t knock someone else’s hustle, and at the end of the day we can all relax over cocktails in the Hamptons and pretend we’re Ronald Reagan or Tip O’Neill, depending. None of it is personal, in other words, and why would it be? Everyone’s rich…
We somehow built a world where Senator Cassidy had a reasonable expectation of lying on television without facing any consequences more serious than a “those clowns in congress are at it again” shrug, a world where Brian Kilmeade could reasonably expect to call Kimmel a “Hollywood elite” from one side of his mouth while asking for favors from the other. In other words, at least when it comes to social norms amongst wealthy and powerful people, we built kind of a shitty world. It’s a delight to watch Jimmy Kimmel tear it down.”

It feels like a Thing, watching Jimmy Kimmel. He’s usually so aggressively, unpleasantly neutral, part of the “leave politics outside” theory of privileged entertainment, so he’s legitimately breaking rules right now.