“Networking can make some feel “dirty,” new study.”

“Significantly, people who had more power in the office were less likely to report feeling dirty when it came to networking, and engaged in it more often. That effect can make it harder to penetrate existing power structures, because it means those already in power are more comfortable with networking and continue to reinforce and advance their positions. By contrast, those with less power feel more tainted by networking — even though they need it the most –and may have a harder time advancing themselves or improving their job performance. “

hmmm, fascinating. Maybe we need to start discussing networking in different terms – I feel like I regard my ‘networking’ as just sort of talking and listening and learning about other people and it’s fun doing it right now because it feels like there are no stakes with most of the people I end up talking to doing non-science or non-science-policy, but I definitely do walk away feeling kind of icky when it’s someone who I might not have spoken to or been interested by if they couldn’t help me in some way.


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