“Perhaps this sounds cliché, but O’Grady was literally like no other television show I had ever seen (though I’m told that it’s similar to Home Movies in terms of animation, as it was created by the same crew). WhileDaria’s humor was dry, slightly dark, and incredibly sarcastic, O’Grady was fast-paced and witty. It never ventured into moody or biting, which was probably what I liked about it. The humor was also totally clean — a rarity, I’ve found, in many animated series not based for little kids — and all of the characters were ridiculously relatable.
The most disappointing thing about O’Grady was that, even when it was on television, few people recognized it as worthwhile. I was able to talk about O’Grady with only a handful of my closest friends (perhaps because we shared similar taste, or perhaps because I would IM them on AIM and tell them to “GO WATCH O’GRADY!!!!!” before putting a quote from the show as my Away Message), but it wasn’t exactly what everyone in school was talking about the next day at lunch. The four main characters on the series had a bond so similar to my good friends at the time that I couldn’t help but feel like it was really just a cartoon version of our lives.”

oh my god, I am so nostalgic for this show, and totally can’t figure out how to have it in my life

(or, being real, how to have it on a streaming service that doesn’t require me to physically own anything).