“It’s easy to take salt for granted — its abundance on supermarket shelves, coupled with the development of refrigeration and freezing for our food, means we can all too readily overlook its vital and multiple role in our history. In part one of ‘Salt’, BBC Breakfast’s Steph McGovern sets out to explain this role. She hears how it has taken root in our language, visits a chemistry class to find out about how it’s produced and its importance to our physical well being, talks with history professor Peter Wallenstein about the unexpected importance of salt in military strategy right up until the 20th Century, and also Pierre Laszlo who explains how salt not only helped shape economies and cities like Salzburg, Munich and Venice, but also played a crucial role in revolutions across France, America and India.”

This was super, super interesting. How soldier is from salt; how much history revolves around salt.

It would make my day if you dorked out with me too

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