“Where is the Rest of the Sanders Revolution?”

“the thing Sanders has failed to do is create down-ballot candidates. So you want to invade the Democratic Party and move it left? Where is Congress in this vision? One problem is that a good number of Sander’s supporters simply overestimate the Presidency. A good way to imagine the President is as someone who can only say “yes” or “no”. (The rule-making process matters a good deal, as the recent kerfuffle about executive orders reminds us, so this is very simplified.) A good question to ask when you hear a presidential candidate make a promise is whether or not Congress will pass something close.
And so I picture Bernie Sanders, probably the most principled person who attended the State of Union, up in front of it. Would that Congress pass single-payer? Pass super-high tax rates on the rich? Increase the safety net significantly? The answer is very decidedly no. And getting a Democratic House and Senate, no small feat, won’t be enough for exactly the reason Sanders has gotten a raw deal from the DNC. These are not Democratic proposals”
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