Grocery Shopping In Portland, Oregon

Portland is Oregon’s largest city and one of the best places to live in the United States. You get access to parks, microbreweries, bridges, and museums and so much attractive and thriving art, theater musical scenes, and shows. One of the things that set Portland apart from other cities is the accessibility of fresh fruits and foods from numerous grocery stores. As a professional, you might not have all the time to go shopping, but you can get access to anything you want from the various grocery stores around town.

There are several chains of grocery stores all around Portland, including popular ones like Safeway, Kroger, formerly known as Fred Meyer. These popular grocery stores are big because they are full grocery stores as well as departmental stores. You can get other items like clothing, furniture, electronics, etc. Big box stores national chains mostly available at the suburbs like Costco, Target, and Wal-Mart. People may begin to wonder why Wal-Mart will be relegated to Portland suburbs. We perceive it that the people do not welcome the brand. The reasons for this will not be discussed here because of space

WinCo Foods is another chain of grocery stores that is accessible in Portland. It is believed that among all the top groceries in Portland, that they have the freshest fruits and their products are also cheap. Although this information has not been reliably confirmed, it is just the belief of the people. Their stores can also be located in the suburbs because they encourage both low income, middle and the very wealthy to come and shop.

Portland is one of the cities whose residents do not rely on canned foods like what you can get in NYC. There is an unofficial but popular culture of people staying in Portland to always consume natural or organic foods. That is why it’s believed that people live longer in Portland. Because of this culture, you can find popular natural or organic food stores around Portland like Zuban’s and New seasons. Though the foods are considered to be healthier, people are of the opinion that they are costly. You can get whole food stores in Portland. There are popular one in the “Pearl”, and you can also find another one Tualatin at the Bridgeport Village

Portland is not all about the popular food chains and brands. Apart from the grocery mentioned above stores, there are little no-name stores that are scattered all around the city. You can get items like biscuits, chocolates and even cigarettes at some of the shops. But one disadvantage of getting your groceries from such stores is that they are overpriced, and their veggies and fruits are most times not fresh.

Portland’s Farmers Market

This is one of the best farmers markets in the United States. Though it is seasonal, running mid-March through December. You will get fresh local foods direct from the farm sold by more than three hundred vendors. Just imagine anything fresh, ranging from produce, dairy, meat, fish and any other agricultural produce in the particular season. Apart from having access to fresh food, there are good workshops, demonstrations, festivals funded by non-Governmental organizations that support healthy living

According to Green-light Magazine, Portland’s farmers market was rated seventh throughout the country regarding sustainable fresh food and fruits production, quality control, food stamp, conducive atmosphere and community support

You can enjoy some annual festivals at the Portland’s farmers market like the “summer loaf” bread, cheese and wine festivals.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, it is advisable to get your fruits and vegetables from the fresh green growers from the Portland’s farmers market. This is good for those who are vegetarians and who likes cooking and eating them fresh. You will get a complete line of local fruits and vegetables and other things like cereals, portions of pasta, dried beans, nuts, grains, honey, a variety of trail mixes. If you want food baskets, you can get fresh-handmade customized ones.

Taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the Portland’s farmers market, you can get fresh fruits and any food you want.

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