Making healthier food choices will enable your family members to be hale and hearty for a very long time. In other to achieve this, you need to be eating fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to other nutritional foods. Most people go to the grocery to pick fruits based on their desire to consume it at that particular time not knowing that the best way to get fresh fruits from the grocery store is to buy fruits based on the season. Though you can get any fruit you want at any time because modern Agriculture has enabled us to harvest in all seasons but it is always recommended to have information about the natural season of every fruit. This information will enable you to get the fruits while they are still very fresh and in addition to that, you will also get them cheaper

Nowadays, the average grocery store carries hundreds to thousands of items making it difficult for most people to make their choices. Because of this situation, the problem becomes how to make the wisest selections when shopping at a grocery store or supermarket.

With the following guidelines, you can get fresh fruits and other food items from grocery shops at affordable rates.

Go Seasonal

The freshest fruits and vegetables you can get are grown locally, and they change with seasons. When you understand the times and seasons of some fruits, you will start enjoying their dividends while combining them with cereals, pasta, beans, nuts, granolas, grains, and honey. You can also add specialty items like handmade pies, Amish popcorns, bread, and pastries. Below are the best seasons to get some fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Spring

During Spring, you can get fresh local Strawberries, Bitter lemon, broccoli, butter lettuce, Chives, Mango, Green beans, oranges, Spinach, Pineapples, Asparagus, cherries, bedding and vegetable plants

  • Summer

It’s time to get Fresh local tomatoes, peaches, and pears, green beans, Hermiston water lemons, corn, cucumbers, Chinese long beans, breadfruit, grapefruit, grapes, Hearts of Palm, Honeydew melons, breadfruits, bell peppers and many other fruits and vegetables

  • Fall

You will get different varieties of fresh local Apples, Garlic, Ginger, Grapes, Guava, Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Key Limes, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Sharon fruits; winter squash potted Mums and a complete line of fall decorations such as Corn Stalks, Gourds, and even Hay Bales.

  • Winter

With the great cold associated with this season needs you to store different types of fruits to be enjoyed at home. You can get fresh Tangerines, cactus pear, cardoon, Grapefruit, Kale, Kiwifruits, Mandarin oranges, ordinary Oranges, passion fruits, Sharon Fruits, Sweet Dumpling squash and sweet potatoes

Plan your Meals.

You achieve good nutrition from planning your meals before going to get them from the grocery stores. The procedure is simple; create a menu plan and make out your weekly or monthly shopping lists of fresh, healthy foods and maintain it

To get it right, you should not shop when you are hungry, if you do so, you will end up buying those things you don’t need

Shop the Rainbow and Eat Fresh

It’s healthier to mix colors. Shopping the rainbow is ensuring that you have a wide variety of different colors of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, you need to consume those fruits within four to five days of purchase to enable you to get the most nutritional value of the fresh produce. There are some stronger vegetables that can last longer than five days and still be fresh like cabbage and zucchini

Shop To Save

Our first recommendation is for you to have a shopping list or plan before stepping into the grocery because you can get confused once you are in there. To save more money during your shopping, you can go for dried beans and lentils, bulk bins for grains, dried fruits, and nuts. I have often heard some people say that shopping healthier is more expensive. It may be true when you Fill your basket with both healthy foods fruits and verges in addition to prepared foods like chips, cookies, ready-made meals and other packaged items. Doing this will end you with more grocery bills. You are advised to avoid those prepared foods, and you’ll have more grocery money to invest in high quality, healthy food.

To sum up, we recommend that you try making a new food once in a while. Your aim for grocery shopping should be to fill your basket with natural delicious and nutritious foods and vegetables, and you will notice within a short time, that your family members will become healthier.