Grabity Entering Vietnam

Hello, Grabity Community!

How was your weekend?

Today we’re going to tell you about Grabity’s Vietnam activities​

Grabity is currently in Dalat, Vietnam.
Attended a discussion with the Vietnamese government about smart city!
Smart City is about the size of Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea
Smart City is Dreaming of Silicon Valley in Vietnam.

The articles. (below)

베트남 달랏에 세워질 ‘블록체인 기반의 미래형 스마트 시티’ — 분당신문

- 첨단자족도시 SiTi, 베트남 달랏시와 ‘블록체인기반 스마트Siti’ 사업 위한 협약체결[분당신문] 4차 산업혁명시대 삶과 주거환경의 미래인…

Leads the “Block Chain-based Future Smart City” to be built in Dalat,
At the invitation of the Commissioner, Mr. Grabity’s invitation,
We are meeting with the Vietnamese government.

Even though the time of the visit was Saturday (Feb. 23).
Mayor Dalat and his officers from Ram Dongsung welcomed our party.

First, Let’s go stand around and wait to see the picture!
(fast news you want to get pictures on their mobile phones.
So please understand that good quality is not)

Grabity is a project, in addition, the country.
In fact, doing a lot of effort into applying this!

Oh! also good news was heard in Vietnam.

Smart City has decided to create a DApp for its residents in Grabity!!
(Of course, it’s based on the Grabity Mainnet.)

Grabity is stretching out into the world.

Thanks to your support, Grabity is taking a step forward!
Please look forward to it and support us. ^^






I won’t be conceited.
This is the beginning.

We’ve prepared a lot.
Of course in the country.
Starting with Vietnam, overseas.
I’ll bring you some good news.

Please cheer for us!
I promise to work hard at it.

Thank you.