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Sola Shin
Sep 24 · 5 min read

Hello. Adventurers!

It’s me, Dongwha Kang, the designer at GBT Protocol.

The second topic of Planet wallet is How to Use!

We will have a look at how to make a planet, the construction of the main page, and the construction of my page.

1. How to create a planet

First of all, Pin code is the most important information of all.

Please do not forget your Pin code.

It will be asked for transfer.

If it is the first planet that you generate, the wallet will be made in Ethereum Universe. That is because GBT coins is ERC20.

If you want to add BTC Planet as well,

please go to Mypage > Universe > Click + button on the top-right corner > Create a planet and choose BTC universe.


A. You can name your planet.

B. You can keep refreshing till you find your most desirable Planet design.

​C. If you set your planet design and name, please confirm it.

2. What can we do in Main Page

Now it is time to checking your own Planet. After you generate your planet, you will face the main page and ETH and GBT are basically added on your ETH wallet.

A. This is my page where you can check Planet setting, security, Theme setting, and notifications.

​B. If you hold more than one planet, you can see the list of Planets.

​C. You can copy the normal address of your ETH wallet.

​D. You can add ERC 20 tokens.

​E. It is the Balance section that you can see the total value of the coin.

3. What can we do in My page

When you click the icon of Planet on the top-left corner, you will face the page of settings. You can change the detail fo setting in Planet, security, and theme, and notifications.

About theme setting, there are two options. Black & White.

If you choose the Black theme, my page will be in white. And Vice versa.

You can enjoy the conversion in design and also you could match the theme with the design of your planet.

A. The Planet name will be shown.

​B. You can change the details of the current Planet.

​C. You can change other state Planets and also add a new planet or bring a planet.

​D. You can set your security.

​E. You can check the notifications and FAQs.

​F. You can set the theme.

4. How to set the current-staying Planet

Now we are on Armechadon. If you want to change the setting of Armechadon, please click the Planet icon.

A. You can change the name of Planet. (Please change the name of Planet carefully. Since the transfers are through the name of Planet, if you type wrong name, it is not possible to restore your assets.)

​B. The normal address which is interlocked with the name of Planet

​C. You can hide the Planet on the main page.

​D. You can back up Mnemonic Phrase.

​E. You can back up Private key.

5. Universe setting

Here you can edit the setting of Planet, you can add and bring planets as well.

A. You can add a planet or bring another plant.

​B. C. You can set each Planet.

6. Security Setting

In security, you can set PIN code, and Bio metric ID(Touch/Face ID).

A. You can change the PIN code.

​B. You can unlock Touch/Face ID.

So, we had a look at Planet wallet briefly. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Next time, I will explain how to add tokens/How to transfer.

If you wonder about Planet Wallet, Please refer to the link below.

Homepage :

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GBT Protocol

At GBT Protocol, We strive to revolute the Internet Paradigm

Sola Shin

Written by

Sola Shin

GBT Protocol

At GBT Protocol, We strive to revolute the Internet Paradigm

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