Using MetaMask and MyEtherWallet

Grabity community, hello.

I’m JungHyun Choi, a developer of Android.

I’m in charge of making future mobile wallets for you guys at Grabity.

Before that, I used some wallets, which is now commercialized, and wrote my own personal thoughts.

Why all of a sudden? Can we just make it?

I know.I can just make……..

I think I can improve the inconvenience and make a better wallet if I use current wallets myself.

So! This week, I tried two web wallets myself.

Of course, I’m not going to write technical details.

I write down what I felt by using Ether wallet, so I hope you take it easy.

I have used two wallets this week: MetaMask and MyEtherWallet.

Let’s create a MetaMask wallet first!

1. Add to Chrome

2. Password Settings

3. Save 12-digit Mnemonic code (Backup is required!! You can’t get your wallet back if you lose it.)

4. Enter 12-Digit mnemonic code

5. End

6. Click on the fox icon to the right of the search window!

What is it? Is that all?

Yes! That’s all. It’s easy to make a wallet, right?

Let’s make MyEtherWallet too.

1. Enter the password

2. Store the keystore file

3. Save the Private Key

4. To select the way to send ETH and token:

5. End

Wow, it’s really easy.

I made my own wallet with several mouse clicks.

If it’s inconvenient to use it, no one will use it, right?

So, both wallets were convenient to use.

Personally, it’s easier for me to approach MetaMask than MyEtherWallet.

And for MyEtherWallet, there are a variety of ways to send ETH and token, which I find attractive.

When creating a wallet, you should be careful because you keep your password, mnemonic code, and key store files.

If you lose it, you won’t be able to recover it.

If you lose it….??

Give me my wallet!!!!

No matter how hard You beat it, itwon’t come out.

Now, let’s transfer some ETH.

Of course, I’m going to be a two-user exchange.

Like this!!!

I transfer ETH, and I get a token, I get a token, and also get ETH.

Well, first of all, you have to get some tokens and ETH to exchange them, right?

That’s why I charged ETH and tokens like this much!

MetaMask (Ether : 71ETH , G_Token : 5,000,000)

MyEtherWallet (Ether : 46 ETH , G_Token : 0)

Now…I’ve prepared this much!

What do you think about my ETH and token? Do you envy me? Hahaha


You don’t have to do that at all!

It’s free ETH and token for everyone.

(If it’s real money, I’m gonna do….)

First, let’s send 20 ETH and 2,000,000 G_Token from MetaMask to MyEtherWallet!

Sending ETHs and tokens is very simple, too.

Let’s transfer ETH first.

1. Copy and paste MyEtherWallet wallet addresses to recipient!

2. Enter the amount of ETH I want to send.

3. Click the Next button

4. Click the Approve button

5. End

Now, let’s send G_Token right away.

1. Copy MyEtherWallet Address to Receiver!

2. Enter the amount of G_Token to send.

3. Click the Next button.

4. Click the Approve button

5. End

What if we check on MetaMask after sending it?

We can really see that the ETH and G_ToKen quantities have decreased.

Let’s go ahead and check out MyEtherWallet.

Please check the red box!

ETH and G_Token were transmitted normally.

What is it? Is it over?

Yes, it’s over!

I hope it wouldn’t be hard to transfer concurrency from my wallet to others, right?!

Next, we will send 3 ETH , 30 G_Token from MyEtherWallet to MetaMask.

1. I connected my wallet to MyEtherWallet using MetaMask.

2. Copy and paste the MetaMask address in the address field!

3. Enter ETH in the amount to be transfer.

4. Click the Create Transaction button.

5. Click the Send Transaction

6. Yes, I’m sure!…Click the button.

7. Click the Approve button

(MyEtherWallet wallet is connected to MetaMask.)

Let’s send G_Token right away.

1. Link a wallet made by MyEtherWallet to MetaMask

2. Copy and paste the MetaMask address in the address field!

3. Enter the amount of G_Token to transfer

4. Click the Create Transaction button

5. Click Send Transaction button

6. Yes, I’m sure!…Click the button.

7. Click the Approve button

(MyEtherWallet wallet is connected to MetaMask.)

Now check out MyEtherWallet.

You can see that the amount of ETH and G_Token have decreased.

Please check the red box!

Likewise, if you check out the MetaMask,

ETH and G_Token are increased!

How do you feel?

Both wallets are very convenient to exchange for ETH or tokens.

I personally felt that MetaMask was better to use when I tried both.

Now a days, even clicking a mouse is annoying, but I’m sure MetaMask can only click a couple of times, and tokens can be transmitted right away.

I thought it was quite convenient.

On the other hand, MyEtherWallet was more complicated than MetaMask.

But it’s still easy to use. Haha

I’ve tried these two wallets myself and introduced them to you briefly.

Some of you could already use it, but some of you who haven’t, I think, read my article and may think like this, “I can try it, now”

Then, I think it would be good to try it on your own.

(Don’t use it!!) If you don’t know how to use it…..Bahm)

Okay~ I’ll wrap up the posting.

Grabity community, today is the day we’re gonna have to do.