Stop Being Sorry for Doing Your Job: Getting rid of the common insecurities of motherhood

We mothers have a litany of common phrases. It’s almost as if someone has written them down and handed them out to all new moms.

“Here you go, dear, these will come in handy.”

They go like this…

The house.

“I’m sorry my house is such a big mess. My parents-in-law are flying in and my kids have lice and I think I’m supposed to make spaghetti for this big fundraiser tomorrow, but I’m not sure. What were…




Relatable, positive, and funny thoughts for moms, none of the guilt.

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Angie Gibbons

Angie Gibbons

Get my practical guide to getting out of overwhelm at I’m a writer, teacher, baby wave surfer, and mom to 3 in Hawaii.

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