Grace Health Launches Partnership with Marie Stopes International

We are happy to announce our recent partnership with Marie Stopes Ghana where we together will make sure that women get relevant information on their pregnancy options and fertility.

Marie Stopes International is doing an exceptional work globally in providing services that are changing lives by enabling women to plan their families and futures. As we share the aim of making women’s health services and information affordable and accessible to all women; we couldn’t be happier to enter this collaboration with such a trusted partner, in order to together make sure that even more women have a choice.

All images © 2020 Grace Health

As part of this collaboration to expand choice for women, Marie Stopes Ghana will refer girls and women to Grace Health in order for them to gain personalised understanding of their menstrual and reproductive health. This is currently done in direct contact with individual girls and women in Ghana. In the future, Marie Stopes intends to make referrals to Grace Health also in other countries where both organizations are present.

When a Ghanian user inside the Grace chat express a need for counselling and care around pregnancy options, Grace Health will refer them to Marie Stopes Ghana.

All images © 2020 Grace Health

“With the exponential growth of Ghanaian women using Grace Health, we’ve also seen an increase of questions around pregnancy options. Through our partnership with Marie Stopes Ghana, we are realizing the vision of serving women all the way from information to access. We also see how a digital tool like the Grace chatbot, through its accessibility, can fill that information void within sexual and reproductive health and make sure women have the right information before seeking medical assistance.”

- Estelle Westling, co-founder and CCO at Grace Health

To learn more about Grace Health and the first ever digital women’s health clinic designed for the next billion users, go to or get in touch at



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