Gracious Gratitude
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Gracious Gratitude

Day 157

Panoramic sunrise — January 19, 2018
  • It has a swell atmosphere (warm and friendly, homey yet still hip … but without being that utterly irritating overly hipster that tries too hard).
  • The staff is all super friendly and for a group that’s only been working together a short time, the service was solid.
  • Perfectly appropriate ambient music — lively and fun without being deafening
  • And the food … Let’s just say my pal jen consalvo and I consumed, well, probably close to our collective body weight. There was just too much on the menu that looked great … so we sampled a lot … and polished pretty much all of it off.
  • Deeply engaged conversations, showing truth, being vulnerable and feeling safe
  • Freshly baked (and still warm) sourdough bread with anchovy butter (THANK YOU #EsthersKitchen)
  • That my brother taught me to drive
  • That I’m really good at parallel parking
  • Being in a room of people who are listening to someone speak — and not a single person was on their cell phone.
  • Allowing myself to be present and listen
  • Blustery wind rattling palm leaves
  • Charcoal skies that smell like rain



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