Gracious Gratitude
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Gracious Gratitude

Day 2


So much to do. Feeling overwhelmed and was going to cancel on plans for tomorrow because it just felt too much. Then I had a chat with a friend. A good long chat. The kind of chat that puts things in perspective. Tomorrow’s hike is important because it’s just about the only self-care I’ve allowed myself in weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been taking care of myself — eating right, exercise, etc… but allowing myself a true break where I got out into nature? Nope.

So tomorrow I’ll do … and we will go early enough that there will be plenty of time for that damn to do list.

Today’s Gracious Gratitude. I am grateful for:

  • Kerry Clasby and her magical farmers market
  • My dogs
  • My dear friend Melissa D. Kaiser for her always thoughtful self
  • Making plans and keeping them
  • Laughter
  • The sound of the ice cream truck rolling through my neighborhood



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