Gracious Gratitude
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Gracious Gratitude

Day 241

First of all … O. M. eFfing. G!!

If you’re new to reading this, I’ll catch you up.

I love ice hockey. Like really love it. Now I’m not a statistician-follow-every-team-every-player-know-history kind of fan. I’m a dedicated to a team, follow it and mostly utterly saturate myself in the experience of the game. The gentlemanly brutality of the sport. The sheer athleticism of the players who must be strong, fast, agile, coordinated, have incredible endurance and do everything while perched atop two, thin blades.

So there’s all that.

Then there is the thing that happened in my own experience over the last 6 months or so. It’s been around that long since hockey emerged from the mists of my memory into a present thing when the Vegas Golden Knights began their season. It’s around that time when the horrific tragedy of the 1 October shooting befell the City.

I won’t revisit all those themes right now, though the impact cascades through so much and informs so much. For the purpose of this commentary today, suffice to say that the history of a thing (hockey and its connection to my childhood) met the present day of a thing (my seeking a foundation and coming to find the true meaning of home) resulting in an alchemy that has changed me. The Vegas Golden Knights represent something far more than hockey to me.

The fact that the team is flat out badass and crushing it in their inaugural season? Well, that’s gravy. If they weren’t winning would the story be the same? Can’t tell you, because that’s not the case. I’m not even going to try and rewrite it. The story is what the story is, and I’m good with that.

Now that you’re caught up. Last night was the second game in the first round playoff series for the Stanley Cup. The Vegas Golden Knights taking on the Los Angeles Kings. The VGK won game one one Wednesday. Last night, they did it again, but not without Herculean effort. At end of regulation, the game was tied. If you’re not familiar with how Stanley Cup Playoff games work, here’s an article about last night’s game that touches on the process a bit.

The short version — if a game is tied at end of regulation, the game goes into overtime. That overtime starts with a full 15 minute intermission, and then a full 20 minute period is put on the clock. And the teams play, until someone scores. If no one scores in that OT, another full 15 minute intermission, and then another full 20 minute period is put on the clock. And they just keep playing, until someone scores. Yeah. Grueling.

Anyway, that was last night. All of this is to say last night’s post was short because I wrote it on my phone using Medium’s pretty solid mobile app. Not bad, Ev Williams. Not bad. :)

Not as crazy a day today, which is good because after the late night I sound something like Demi Moore … if she were a chipmunk. Not sexy. Not sexy at all. Good thing this afternoon’s activity is a literary outing (more on that tomorrow) followed by a quiet dinner and enjoying the Las Vegas Philharmonic. Pretty sure screaming at that concert won’t be necessary … nor encouraged.

But you never know…

Today’s #NationalPoetryMonth daily contribution of #PoemADay snackage comes courtesy of another powerful voice I’ve been blessed to discover in Las Vegas. Vogue Robinson is a force of nature in her work — whether on the page or performing it. You can learn more about Vogue here and here.

Today’s Gracious Gratitude. I am grateful for:

  • Poetry
  • The writers who bear their souls and share their pain and joy in ways that rip open my own heart and help me find my own words
  • Sleep
  • A cool glass of water first thing in the morning
  • My dogs
  • Really. Strong. Coffee.
  • Friends who share my love of literary adventures
  • Friends who share my love of classical music
  • Sharing both of the aforementioned with amazing people
  • Feeding my soul



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