Gracious Gratitude
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Gracious Gratitude

Day 243

Ah the joys of an always on, always connected, always moving society. When you get sick you feel guilty about sitting still.

Okay I probably should personalize that a bit more because this is my experience I’m talking about, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone here.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been feeling entirely crappy, under the weather and otherwise like crap and you’ve persevered, pushed forward and gone about your day anyway?

I’m guessing none of you raised your hands, because you’re sitting at your computer or reading on your phone and that might have felt stupid. If we were in a big room and I’d asked that same question, I’m going to bet a lot of folks would have put their hands up. I’m also going to bet that of those who didn’t raise their hands, most of those folks would be lying.

At some point in our culture it became a badge of honor, a beleaguered one for sure, but a badge of honor nonetheless. Here’s something I’ve learned … that badge is bullshit. There is no honor or glory in wearing yourself down to such a nub that your physical, mental and emotional health are shredded beyond recognition. None.

Now this isn’t to say that one should not have drive, focus and determination to reach a goal — all of which requires hard work, pushing boundaries and the like. In that process, however, finding the balance between that push, that drive, that passionate push towards the goal and knowing when to pause, step back, and breathe … ain’t easy. In my world sometimes the Universe has to yank on my emergency brake when I’m not looking, screeching me to a temporary halt. The good news is that I don’t get jolted to stop very much any more — I recognize the warning signs and slow my roll (at least a bit). The other good news is that the jolts are less jarring, taking a mere day or two for recuperation.

Progress, not perfection.

And so it goes.

For today’s contribution to the National Poetry Month “Poem a Day” series, I’m doling out a duo of Rumi snippets. Each of these are quotes that I have printed out and have often kept juxtaposed on the bulletin board by my desk. They are not from the same piece, but the progression of them continues a story in my personal experience.

Before diving into Gracious Gratitude today I realized that yesterday, being swept up in the wingeing about getting sick, I neglected to post my usual weekly shot of Sunday Bliss. It was, of course, slightly less blissful what with my hacking up small aliens from my chest most of the day, but here’e the photo in any case.

The warm beckoning of spring has brought the rose bushes in front of my house to glorious life. One of the most fragrant, the one bearing blossoms of the palest cream, exploded. A thick cascade of gorgeous blossoms waving in the breeze. Over the weekend the other deeply scented rosebush came to life. This one is my favorite, the flowers are the most impossible shade of deep, vibrant, hot pink, the remarkable shade eclipsed just a touch by the intoxicating and thick scent that wafts through my door when I open it.

Yes that picture is one of those pink roses. No there is no filter or any sort of doctoring to that photo.

Today’s Gracious Gratitude. I am grateful for:

  • Having the ability to take the day off and heal
  • The wonderful people with whom I work
  • Neighbors who are always watching out for each other
  • The look on Harlow and Truman’s faces when they realized they were getting to spend a day with mom
  • Homemade chicken soup
  • The new friends that I have met through my passion for hockey
  • The fact that in less than a week I am going on an incredible adventure



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