Gracious Gratitude
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Gracious Gratitude

Day 928


Brutally long and busy day that portended to be a super busy night with work. The work, however, had to be paused because on the other side of town a dear friend was celebrating his birthday. To not show up even briefly for a friend is something that rubs me wrong.

Showing up. It’s something that seems a lost art these days — all too easy to write things off, send a quick text, hit “like” on a post. That importance of connection — sending a physical thank you note, delivering soup to a friend who’s not feeling well, standing up beside a person who’s fighting a battle, even just answering the phone when it rings.

I recall someone once proudly stating that they never answer their phone. That if it’s important someone will text them. I get that. We’re all busy and my voice mail recording suggests that texting me will elicit a faster response.

It’s the friends who leave voice mail messages anyway that I love. Their messages often long and rambling, telling me the story of their day or a circuitous path to a question they have to ask.

Friends … they are the fabric of life.

Today’s Gracious Gratitude. I am grateful for:

  • My friends
  • My dogs
  • Having a homecooked meal
  • Laughter
  • Meeting new people
  • Celebrating a friend’s birthday
  • Warm socks
  • The way a French Bulldog puppy makes sounds like a baby pig



There are studies that show a simple practice of gratitude awareness can be a real game changer for productivity.

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