Gracious Gratitude
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Gracious Gratitude

Day 982

Viva Las Vegas

Since the shutdown of … well … everything back in March, I’ve watched almost daily as friends whose lives are upended but in some ways released spend their days hiking, going for long bike rides, exploring cooking classes, Marie Kondo-ing their homes.

For those of us who own and operate small businesses it’s something of a different world. In my case, thankfully the business was deemed essential so we go to remain open.

Sounds great, right? Well, when you consider that about half the business’ revenue evaporated overnight and then a chunk of other revenue streams got wobbly, let’s just say that 12–14 hour days spent grinding out ideas on how to stabilize the business and get creative in making money doesn’t really leave much time for things like leisure.

Today, though, I carved out some hours as there was something I wanted to do — ride my bike the length of the Las Vegas Strip.

So I did.

Sidewalks and skybridges, walkways and driveways … all vacant save for a few scattered folks here and there. A few families out with kids. The errant jogger. From The Strat all the way south of Mandalay Bay I went and back. It was eerie. Police perched at regular intervals, watching with expressions ranging from bemused to bored.

The view that caught me most is precisely where you’d probably think if you know me at all. The plaza in front of T-Mobile arena. Empty. My heart twinged.

I don’t particularly like crowds, never have. But I’ve never missed throngs of people as much as I did today.

Today’s Gracious Gratitude. I am grateful for:

  • A glorious day to ride my bike
  • Having a bike
  • Getting to see so much of the Las Vegas Strip
  • Realizing how much I miss groups of people
  • Getting to finally see the gorgeous church that’s nestled behind The Encore
  • My dogs
  • Nearly finishing a particularly challenging project



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