Gracious Gratitude
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Gracious Gratitude

Day 985


Five years. Whoa. Today marks the fifth anniversary of the “Grand Unleashing” of The Hydrant Club’s Clubhouse.

On that day over 200 folks came to celebrate. Mayor Carolyn Goodman showed up to “unleash” (we didn’t do a ribbon cutting but rather appropriately unhooked a massive leash from the doors) the facility. City Council members, State Senators and Assemblypersons, representatives from the Nevada Congressional Delegation, and an array of local dignitaries and friends.

It was quite a party.

Today the only people inside were me and my staff — the people in the company “bubble” who are adhering to strict quarantine protocols. We had 30 dogs in our care — an amazing thing considering quarantine. Most of all, today I signed the papework to secure a PPP loan and guarantee the security of my business through this Coronavirus crisis.

My celebration today was very much an interior one — standing in the middle of the verdant play space, thickly carpeted with fresh grass. In the shade of trees with a light breeze I mused on the changes — in the business and in me.

Here’s to the next chapter.

Today’s Gracious Gratitude. I am grateful for:



There are studies that show a simple practice of gratitude awareness can be a real game changer for productivity.

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