Reflections of Fall … when it’s almost winter… #GraciousGratitude — Day 109

Gracious Gratitude: Day #109

Tonight I had the great privilege of bearing witness (along with several hundred other folks) as two people who are deeply in love committed to building a life together. Talk about a night steeped in gratitude. And so I dedicate today’s list to my friends Rehan Choudhry & Jessica Moore — may they have a long, happy life together.

  • How the earthy aroma of fallen leaves wafts out of the park and hangs gently in the crisp night air
  • Chocolate cake with fondant icing
  • The look on Bridger’s face when he sees a squirrel
  • Strolling through a crowded market and, having no specific place to be, opt to slow my roll and meander, allowing my pace to match the glacial flow of holiday shoppers
  • A delicious night’s sleep in a wonderful bed
  • Sleeping with the window open
  • Uggs after wearing heels for hours
  • Laughter that makes my face hurt
Views of fall in Central Park — including Bridger looking stylish