Today’s #GraciousGratitude started with #SundayBliss and Bridger thinking my lap was his seat (he was right)

Gracious Gratitude — Day #117

Though I didn’t really sit still today, I did allow myself to be in stillness … little talking, phone turned off and reveling in the rich warmth that comes from an oven fired up early and busy all day. It didn’t hurt that I stoked up the fireplace, so the tapestry of scent included deep threads of mesquite and pine.


Don’t have to look far to be grateful today … and that’s always a lovely thing.

  • #SundayBliss (even when I don’t get through the whole paper) accompanied with a superb cup of coffee
  • The sound of an old dog snoring in deep sleep in front of a crackling fire
  • Peppermint, chocolate and extra points when they are in the same place at the same time.
  • Watching rows and rows of pinwheel cookies march out of the oven and feeling my grandmother smiling
  • Intense workouts that spark my mind and exhaust my body
  • That my brother seems to have inherited our father’s knack for knowing when to reach out and always having the right thing to say
  • Salmon poached in a garlic dijon sauce with shiitake mushrooms
  • Remembering that someone I dated several years ago described me as “earthy” (which I found hilarious at the time) and realizing she didn’t mean in a Birkenstock sort of way but more that I’m totally comfortable getting my hands dirty and actually enjoy it.
  • Puttering in my backyard doing some “winterizing” and pondering on some changes I want to make in the Spring
Fruits of my labor … Well, more like cookies of my labor … #GraciousGratitude