Recent updates to help with urgent remote assessment needs (responding to COVID-19)

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3 min readMar 13, 2020


At Gradescope, we’re dedicated to our users and want to support you in prioritizing the health of your communities. Many of you have asked for guidance on how to quickly adapt your assessments for closed campuses, canceled courses, and remote students. We are committed to helping ease the process during this challenging and uncertain period.

We are providing free access to Gradescope Complete for new courses created through December 31, 2020. We have also upgraded all existing 2020 courses. Below, you will find a list of remote assessment options in Gradescope Complete.

In addition, we are hosting open webinars to help instructors get started with remote assessments. If it would be helpful for your institution to have more formal support, training, or LMS integration, please reach out to, and we will work with you to make this as seamless as possible.

Common Remote Assessment Workflows

Fully-online assessments (no paper)

If your assessments do not require drawing or handwriting, or you prefer your students work completely digitally, you can use an online assessment, which:

  • include a mix of automatically graded questions (including multiple choice and short answer) and manually graded questions (with the normal Gradescope Rubric)
  • allow students to submit answers directly through Gradescope’s web interface
  • can be time limited, where students have a designated amount of time from the moment of opening the assignment to complete it.

Learn more about online assignments at our Help Center.

Student-uploaded paper-based assessments

If handwriting or drawing is important to your assessment, or you want to administer your existing paper-based exam remotely, there are two options:

  • If you can distribute paper copies or your students have printers, you can use a template-based assignment and have your students submit digitized copies.
  • If your students can’t print, you can allow them to upload freeform work on blank paper and simply designate where they responded to each question.

Submitting for students is easy. Share our short video overview or the PDF Guide to get your students started.

More options and ongoing work

  • If you have a bubble-sheet (multiple choice) assessment, your students can download, complete, and upload a paper bubble sheet, which will be automatically graded. Learn more about bubble sheets at our Help Center.
  • We are currently hard at work to make things easier and enable more assessment use cases. Soon, you will be able to mix online assessments with paper-based student work. Students will be able to upload images to questions on online assignments. See below to follow our progress on this and other developments.

Webinars for Getting Started with Remote Assessment

Existing Users: Delivering Assessments Remotely

This webinar will go into detail on the above workflows to meet your immediate needs for remote assessments.

New Users: Get Started with Gradescope for Remote Assessments

This webinar will introduce Gradescope, help you set up a course, build an assignment, grade work and provide feedback, and share tips on how to conduct assessments remotely.

FAQs, Feedback, and Progress

  • In the past week, we’ve received lots of feedback, questions, and feature requests. We appreciate all of the input you’ve shared with us so far — please keep sharing!
  • We’ve created an FAQ Guide for delivering remote assessments.
  • We’re working hard to incorporate your feedback. You can follow our progress on our Public Roadmap and Twitter.

If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts, please reach out to us at, or reply to this email.

Thank you and stay safe,
- The Gradescope Team