Reformatory USA Immigration, A potential Game Changer !?

During the financial year beginning of 2017, USA president Mr.Donald Trump updates on a message “Buy American, Hire American” in a way created a transformational foray of the overall business and Socio-economic condition of the Americas for the coming months. As a consequential advancement to this, the presidential and doors legislation could cut down migration capacity almost by 50 %

The Game Changing effect

While the new systems and changing policies on a day to day basis are creating some curiosity and dynamics in business professionals and experts. The analysts opine that this is creating both some sound effects and also some challenging roadblocks equally. Dynamic changes have taken place in required areas of skilled professionals work in respective fields of business, being significantly hampered because of the new Legal Immigration regulations and restrictions of employment for Immigrant and non immigrant working class in USA. This not only created the business system with many hindrances in a free flow of work but also is affecting the livelihood of various immigrants and non-immigration category workers from various countries and their families in USA.

According to many business interest groups, USA is allegedly creating challenging scenarios for Work Visa petitions. Also, permit systems being slowed down drastically during the past few months for applicants concerning dealing with their permissions for work-visa & rejection rate frequency.Particularly in the past couple of months professionals in various skilled category verticals like Manufacturing Industry, Software, Hotels, Transport, and other business verticals are finding it difficult to find a suitable work capacity smoothly.

As a cascading effect working professionals from other countries with particular skills are missed at respective roles at Work places and so the remaining set of workers in the business are in a way intimidated to pick up the residual of the pending works. Accordingly, this will have a long-term effect on the overall service quality, business growth, profits, development and so this is worrying the concern business heads . They are expressing concerns of long-term losses, this also may create a dearth of skilled professional and the exodus of skilled working class to other welcoming countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc.?

Indeed these are only a few of many primary concerns of USA business owners, policymakers and several other interest groups about the future of the American Economic foray in the coming years. The significantly bold reforms being incorporated into the USA immigration policies and procedures are needed but are expected to consider all party stakeholders’ opinions while making these action plans as they might have a potential “Game Changing Effect “ not only on American business front but also on the global economic foray overall as USA being the forerunner in this area.

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