User test 1: our website to test response to our door hanger concept (read below)

Week 12: Merging concepts & testing offline community building

Merging concepts and writing out scenarios

Results of our Zoom whiteboarding session
  • Conversation starters
  • Anonymous identity
  • Community reflection
  • Dealing with crisis e.g. solidarity markers for a specific event
  • And last but not least, the practical stuff such as gathering participants, funding and event planning.
Our Figma brain dump — testing offline community building

The full package!
Hanging them Hangers
screenshot of google analytics


We also took the first shot at generating archetypes in order to more easily tell the stories. These archetypes were based on the result of the survey that we conducted in week 10 (take a look at our medium post for more information).

Other thoughts:

This week we also thought a lot about how we can foster unconventional forms of communication. We were inspired by the ways people are reaching out now in times of social isolation and are wondering how we can incorporate that into our concept.

Unconventional forms of communication during COVID-19



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