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Toshiaki Morimoto
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2 min readSep 20, 2020


Change the communication through AR entertainments

Hi, I’m the CEO of Graffity Inc. I want to share our company’s vision, mission, and strategy in this post. We founded Graffity in 2017 with thoughts of enriching the enjoyment of real-life through AR.

From my experience studying AI, especially computer vision, I learned that the evolution of AR technology has always been with computer vision, and I’m convinced that we’d see more AR-enabled mobiles in five years.

AR technology makes our lives richer and more convenient. Mobile AR, especially AR glasses, will change many industries as they become post-smartphone. Among the industries, we focused on ‘communication’ because we believe dialogue with people enriches their life.

Play AR, Play Real

We define our mission as “Play AR, Play Real” with thoughts of enriching the enjoyment of real-life through AR.

We’ve released four AR communication apps in two years, and realized that the key to changing the way we communicate with others is the use of entertainment, especially games. Enhancing the gameplay also motivates users, and it creates a world many users open AR apps regularly.

Playing AR Battle with friends

How does AR change communication with others?

One of our answers is to augment communication in person. In the past, social networking has made communication with people at a distance feel closer. AR is a technology that enriches the time we spend with people, even more, so we’ve invented a brand-new game based on the idea.

We provided the world’s first AR shooting game called Pechabato in December 2018. It allows playing like a real FPS game anytime, anywhere with your friends. We’ve reached 100K plays within a month of release and it has already been downloaded over 100K times.

I am convinced that AR battles will create a new form of communications.We are currently developing a new AR shooting game to make AR Battles more fun and engaging.


Let’s achieve together with a world where people can communicate with each other through AR entertainments!

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Toshiaki Morimoto
Graffity Inc. Blog

I’m co-founder CEO of Graffity Inc with thoughts of enriching the enjoyment of real-life through AR.