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Introduction to AWE Nite Tokyo

Hi, this is Toshiaki from Graffity. We are developing an AR shooting game called “AR Battle”. In this post, I’d like to write about AWE Nite Tokyo.

What is AWE Nite Tokyo?

AWE is a major event that attracts more than 7,000 attendees from around the world every year, with more than 250 exhibitors and 300+ speakers to share xR-related knowledge.

AWE Nite is an AR local chapter created by AWE to advance the AR industry. There are local chapters in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Toronto and other regions of the world that work in conjunction with each other. AWE Nite Tokyo is the Tokyo chapter of AWE Nite.

Each chapter gathers people from different backgrounds with an interest in the AR industry. The main participants include developers, creators, investors, and entrepreneurs. And they serve as hubs to stimulate AR-related activities in their respective regions.

Vision and Mission

AWE Nite Tokyo’s vision is “to create use cases for AR for anyone who wants to and make the industry full of challenges”. The challenge to be solved for the industry right now is that there are few use cases for AR.

To achieve our vision, AWE Nite Tokyo defines our mission is to “create a place where ideas, team, users, and business opportunities come together”. To create use cases, we need a team, ideas, and investment. We want AWE Nite Tokyo to be a hub to achieve the goal.

Activities at AWE Nite Tokyo

AWE Nite Tokyo is organized by members of Graffity Inc. and ENDROLL Inc., an AR start-up company located in Japan. To “create a place where ideas, team, users and business opportunities meet”, we regularly hold events. Eight events have been held so far, with a total of 900+ people attending the events.

We will continue to organize more events to bring together AR professionals from Japan and abroad to this AWE community.

If you are interested in AWE Nite Tokyo, please contact us from the email address below.



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Toshiaki Morimoto

Toshiaki Morimoto


I’m co-founder CEO of Graffity Inc with thoughts of enriching the enjoyment of real-life through AR.