Seller Pro-Tips

Jeff Chang
May 16, 2019 · 4 min read

Selling an item on Grailed for the first time can feel daunting. With so many other items on the platform, how can you get your item seen and sold?

However, we have your back. We looked through the millions of sales that have already happened on Grailed to identify some common traits shared by successful listings, and we want to share them with you!

Here are four pro-tips for crafting the perfect listing:

This is the first thing potential buyers see, so keeping it readable is important. Try to avoid editorializing or “clickbait” — this can turn buyers off and even visually block the actual title when users are shopping the feed. We’ve found that titles with 7 or fewer words tend to do significantly better than those with over 10 words.

Titles to emulate:

  • Needles Velour Pants
  • Palace Reversible Thinsulate Jacket

Titles to avoid:

  • LAST DROP!! NEED GONE TODAY!! Vintage 90’s ADIDAS SPORTS Sweatshirts Women Small Pullover Adidas Trefoil Three Stripes Blue Adidas Crewneck Jumper Adidas Sweater Size S
  • Thom browne gingham shirt Not Louis vuitton hermes gucci balenciaga balmain fendi rick owens chanel versace supreme raf simons moschino ysl dolce gabbana givenchy rick owens prada

More photos isn’t necessarily better than fewer; in fact, we often see that listings that have too many (10+) photos take longer to sell because their photos are of lower quality. Instead, make sure that your photos are of high quality and show all relevant aspects of your item. Some photography tips:

  • Use good lighting
  • Use plain, white backdrops
  • Show all angles: capture details and signs of wear and tear
  • Show details — photograph all tags, labels and any original packaging

Avoid descriptions that are too short or too long — users want enough information to understand the listing, but not too much that sifting through everything you write becomes a chore. Aim for a description length of 20–60 words, a range that’s historically led to the highest proportion of listings sold.

On Grailed, your feedback history is important — buyers tend to see a larger amount of past sales as an indication of quality. On average, each additional previous sale lowers the average time to sale by over 3 hours! In essence, the more you sell and the more positive feedback you accumulate, the faster your future sales will tend to be.

In addition, we wanted to give you a sense of what your sale process might look like:

Don’t worry if you don’t make a sale right away — you might have posted your listing at a time when fewer people are online. The times when most sales occur are between 2–4 PM and 8–10 PM Eastern time, so you might get more eyes on your listing right away if you’re able to post then.

Grailed is a bidding marketplace, so expect some haggling! Use price drops to your advantage to gain more exposure for your listings. On average, listings tend to have around 2 or 3 price drops before selling. Furthermore, you’ll probably have to juggle multiple offers, often from different users. On average, listings take around 7–8 offers before the seller and buyer agree on a price. However, these statistics change a lot if you’re selling a “hyped” piece. Nearly 40% of listings are sold without a single drop, and over half are sold with 3 or fewer offers.

Sales on Grailed typically happen within 2 weeks, so don’t worry if your listing doesn’t sell with the first hour! The median time to sale is slightly under 12 days. However, expect much lower times if you’re selling something “hyped”, as nearly one third of listings sell within 4 days.

With that, you’re ready to get started as a seller on Grailed — good luck!

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