Why The World Needs More Effective Leaders (And How to Be One)
umair haque

Everybody, just let Umair explain already

Hey umair haque i love your writing and I do have some bragging rights for being one of your early followers on Medium, if that can be bragged about anyway. But, following your articles, like a stalker, I couldn’t help notice that you do have so many explanations to offer. Here is a list for anyone interested in the truth as it comes explained by you.

How to accept one’s imminent death

[…] something like a preternatural calm settled over me like a great blue sky. […] It existed at a deeper level, after all, than anything I had control over, after all. Why? Let me try and explain. […] The trivialities of meaningless things suddenly became clear. And the meaning of the things that truly mattered lit up like neon. Love, grace, truth, beauty, rebellion.

How to die

Dying well is as great a challenge as living well. […] let me explain. Dying well is not just dying with dignity, choice, freedom, respect. […] It means being free of our deep, buried, hidden anxieties of death, our dread of finality, our fear of an ending to us.

How to grow in life

Growth happens at the edge of love. And that is why we must first, always, foremost, live at the edge of love. Let me explain […]. The edge of love is when we are falling in love […] The edge of love cuts through us like the sharpest blade […] Something deeper and truer in us finally awakens.

How to bully a demagogue

You may think that demogagues, angry and loud as they are, are reckless firebrands. But the truth is that they are timid, cowering, panicked things. Let me explain. Because the demagogue believes that money is wealth […] they believe, timidly — and have convinced foolish people — that nations are “going broke” […] real leaders don’t timidly, fearfully obey empty commandments — they are bold and wise enough to revolt.

How demagogy dehumanizes

[Demagogues] awaken people’s appetites for self-destruction and hate — not for creation, nobility, and greatness. Let me explain. […] If we’d exclude the weak, pay off the bills, and punish the undeserving, the demagogue claims, everyone else could have a life worth living.

What Angela Merkel, Wolfgang Schauble, David Cameron and George Osborne are

[…] what are they? Let me explain […] they are demagogues [now, that must have been the shortest explanation!]

Why the left is irrelevant

[Even it it results in people burning Umair at the stake] let me explain what I mean by the irrelevance of the left. […] The harsh truth is this. While you might win gender-free bathrooms, without a government to invest in the sets of rights and obligations that underpin them […] such a victory is merely an exercise in vanity.

Why Trump happened

Just as we can have a financial crisis, or an economic recession, so too can we have what I’ll call a Leadership Meltdown. And that is precisely how Trump happened. Let me explain. […] it is truer to say that the recovery is a largely meaningless one. The rich are mega-richer, the banks are mega-bigger. But it has not meaningfully benefited the average person […]

What moral leadership is

The truest leaders help people find a way home. Let me explain just how different the idea of moral leadership is from how leadership is usually conceived of. […] The true test of a moral leader is to guide people to what is right — and what is right is greater, truer, and more enduring than what is merely profitable, valuable, or alluring.
[While we’re at it] let me say it again. The world is crying out for real leadership.

Why leadership is being

[Leadership] is being. Let me explain […] The actor, if he cannot improvise, is left paralyzed.

Why Twitter is dying

Here’s my tiny theory, in a word: abuse. […] To explain, let me be clear […] I’ve never been to a town square where people can shove, push, taunt, bully, shout, harass, threaten, stalk, creep, and mob you.

Why Umair is bored

A humble confession: I’m bored. […] Let me explain why […] Business is Pedestrian (in its vanishing smallness of ambition), Predictable (in its furious obsession with the trivial), Predatory (in it’s hyperaggressive selfishness), Pompous (in its unvarnished self-importance), and Pointless (in its lack of usefulness to people and society). What it really excels at is pumping out inauthentic, unsustainable, illusory value — instead of the real thing.

There, i’ve compiled

The List of Umair Explanations

If there are even more people to whom he must ask for permission to explain and nobody burns me at the stake for doing it, I’ll keep adding to the list as more of life, business, society, silicon valley IPOs and world’s politics will be painlessly explained away, some with bad words, by the one and only umair haque.