Explore the Stock Market with Grain — Powered by IBM Watson

Our iPhone app, where you can invest alongside friends and family, now runs on one of the most powerful cognitive engines in the world.

This isn’t another robo-advisor.

It’s a different kind of tool for a new era of computing, where people and computers work together instead of at ends.

It’s a way for you to take control, to build a portfolio as unique as you are.

Discover stocks by keyword

The stock market is now searchable.

Before, if you wanted to choose your own investments, you had to find them by specific stock name or ticker symbol. But what if you’re new to the game? What if you don’t know what company to type into that search box? Or who makes a product you love?

Now a few clicks can turn familiar keywords into related US equities and exchange trade funds (ETFs) listed on major US exchanges.

Grain helps you see the market through a lens of what you already know and understand: your observations, your insights, your beliefs, your passions.

Invest with confidence

For something that deserves to be as common as your morning cup of coffee, the stock market is painted as incredibly confusing.

Here lies the opportunity for the hybrid of innovative technology we found in Watson and collaborative community that lives in Grain. With Grain powered by Watson, you are supported by friends and family, while also informed by the next generation of cognitive computing. You can finally feel good about your authority to make your own investment decisions.

“Our machines should be nothing more than tools for extending the powers of the human beings who use them.”
— Thomas Watson JR., 2nd President of IBM

A new partnership between people and computers

Watson paves the way for a revolution where systems interact in natural language and empower the human element instead of trying to replace it.

By analyzing millions of documents of unstructured data (news articles, research reports, social media posts, enterprise system data, etc.), Watson breaks things down to the essential elements you need to make the most informed decision possible.

This movement towards a collaborative relationship between people and computers was envisioned as long as 50 years ago:

“Man-computer symbiosis is an expected development in cooperative interaction between men and electronic computers. It will involve very close coupling between the human and the electronic members of the partnership.
The main aims are: 1. to let computers facilitate formulative thinking as they now facilitate the solution of formulated problems, and 2. to enable men and computers to cooperate in making decisions and controlling complex situations without inflexible dependence on predetermined programs…”
— J.C.R. Licklider, “Man-Computer Symbiosis,” March 1960

About Grain

When you buy stock, you buy a piece of ownership in a company. These companies are built by people who come together to achieve things they could not achieve alone.

This is what Grain stands for — we believe the key to motivating the next generation to start investing lies within a community of friends and family working together. The complexity of the stock market has long excluded many, but that no longer has to be the case!

Grain is the bridge between what is familiar and what is not. Our app not only helps you find stocks with a search engine powered by IBM Watson, but also provides powerful tools to share your ideas and activity with people you trust. Perhaps most importantly, Grain starts you along the path of investing, at your own pace, through connections to major US brokers.

We built Grain for ourselves, our friends, and our families. We built it for people who want to work together to take control of their financial well-being. We built it for people who want a better, more secure future. We built it for you!


The Grain Team

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