Grain Joins the INV Global Fintech Accelerator

With support from Bank Innovation, Fiserv, and US Bank.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Grain will be joining the INV Fintech Class of Fall 2016. Grain was selected as one of five participants out of over 100 applicants from across the globe.

For the next six months, we’ll work with their network of financial institutions, tech providers, and industry veterans to make Grain the best place for new investors to find and make their own investments in the stock market.

INV Fintech stems from the well-regarded Bank Innovation blog.

It’s the result of a joint effort by Fiserv, a financial services technology company that enables services like mobile banking, and Bank Innovation, a digital trade forum and publication.

Fiserv is in a unique position to connect startups to thousands of bank clients. They recognize the many nuances to navigate when developing and delivering new solutions in financial services. And they have the expertise to make sure new technology makes its way to market.

With INV Fintech’s selection of top financial institutions, including US Bank, as mentors and members, they’ve established a reputation for cultivating ideas and innovation.

Matt Wilcox, senior vice president of marketing strategy and innovation at Fiserv, said the rationale behind INV Fintech is that although there are other accelerators for fintech companies, they are usually one-sided:

“Either a financial institution starts an accelerator or a technology company starts an accelerator,” says Wilcox. “This is a combination of the two and allows startup to work with financial institutions to bring new solutions to market.”

Wherever the opportunity comes from, Grain will always be about creating the best experience for you — to build a product that makes it easier for you to start investing sooner.

We’re confident that INV Fintech can help us achieve that goal.


The Grain Team

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