Grain Now Connects to the Broker of Your Choice

We teamed up with TRADE IT, so you can discover, share, and invest without skipping a beat.

With our App Store launch just around the corner, we’re excited to announce our partnership with TRADE IT, bringing live investing capabilities to Grain.

Grain is an investing app built for our generation. There are so many points of friction that separate us from the market — our goal is to remove as many of those as possible. Offering a way to invest with a few clicks through the best brokers in the business is really a no-brainer.

Every user starts on Grain with a balance of virtual (fake) money. You can use this to test ideas and sense what it feels like to pull the trigger on that next big investment. When you’re ready, you can also open a new brokerage account, or link a preexisting one to start investing for real.

We love TRADE IT because it’s simple and secure

Founded by three leading financial technology veterans, TRADE IT developed a frictionless way to add live investing to our app.

Bank-level security

Your brokerage info is fully encrypted and verified by VeriSign and TRUSTe. TRADE IT uses the same 256-bit encryption that banks and brokers use.

No registration required

You don’t need to create a separate TRADE IT account to use TRADE IT. It’s simply the bridge between Grain and your brokerage account.

Never stores info

Since TRADE IT is just a secure pass-through between you and your broker, TRADE IT never stores your brokerage login credentials.

This is a another big step towards widespread access to the financial markets. We’re thrilled that Grain’s users will be able to discover, share, and invest real money without needing to leave the app.
The moment you know what investment you want to make, you can make it. That’s exactly the way that it should be.
— Joe Mueller, Co-Founder & CEO of Grain

About Grain

When you buy stock, you buy a piece of ownership in a company. These companies are built by people who come together to achieve things they could not achieve alone.

This is what Grain stands for — we believe the key to motivating the next generation to start investing lies within a community of friends and family working together. The complexity of the stock market has long excluded many, but that no longer has to be the case!

Grain is the bridge between what is familiar and what is not. Our app not only helps you find stocks with a search engine powered by IBM Watson, but also provides powerful tools to share your ideas and activity with people you trust. Perhaps most importantly, Grain starts you along the path of investing, at your own pace, through connections to major U.S. brokers.

We built Grain for ourselves, our friends, and our families. We built it for people who want to work together to take control of their financial well-being. We built it for people who want a better, more secure future. We built it for you!


The Grain Team

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