I am proud to be a millennial 
You call us 
destroyers of restaurant chains, 
and the diamond industry.

We are doing our best, 
with 1.4 trillion in debt,
a planet on fire,
and governments disregarding human rights.
sorry we want fast WiFi and avocado toast.

We aren’t as impatient as you think,
But it takes some to see that.
You put the power
to go to the moon in our pockets
sorry for sending a text instead of a phone call
But they also mocked
kids who had paper, 
since they could not write on a stone tablet.

You call it complaining 
Because if you called it mental illness 
You would have to care
We are the most 

There’s is a direct correlation between 
Intelligence and mental illness. 
So do not say that just because we have the internet school is easier, 
When we more of us have taken our life than any other time in history. 
We learned too fast and too young 
How evil the world can be,
So sorry I want to pet a dog and color during finals. 
Breathing is my heavy labour, 
I don’t need to pick up a shovel.

We watched our peers topple a tyrant, 
so yes I will spend my time on twitter.

Empathy does not make us soft, 
We just refuse to let 
anti-science rhetoric, 
breathe in a world. Not for the children, 
we found the secret. 
Marriage is not the key to be happy, 
we would rather love ourselves first, 
pushing 20 to 30.

You call us snowflake. 
Yet fail to see the irony. 
We were told that we were special. 
Unique and like nobody else.
Like a snowflake. 
We believed you, 
When told we could do anything, 
we chose to change the world. 
We did not see the * above “anything”. 
Fine print saying
“do not disturb the status quo”.

So yes I am proud to be a millennial. 
We have changed 
The english language, 
How people find love,
Who is permitted to publicly love, 
We will change this world. 
You were the ones who told us we could.

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