My own business one day

First Im sorry on my English.Im new here in this country.I was born in Croatia.One beautiful country in Europe with clean sea and warm climate.Because of that Croatia is full of turists from around the world.Croatia is very cheap for turists but for people who live in Croatia is expensive.I’m 23 and I live and work in Ireland with my wife.Our parents are in Croatia.We had to come here in Ireland because we can’t get job in Croatia, or we can but for very small salery.And that is not enough for living there.Especially if you have credit like me.It’s shame but I had to come 2500 km from my house and my country for better life.Maybe for you 2500 km are nothing but when you are from Balkan and you are connencted with your parents that is too much.My only wish is to have enough money to open my own restaurant in Croatia on sea so my wife,me and my parents can work together like family business.Because of that I come to Ireland.I want to earn some money for restaurant.My wife is from Zadar.Many of you know for Zadar.Beautiful city on sea with lot’s of turists.I want open my restaurant there.I don’t need millions of dollars,I only want to have enough money so we can live normally,without worries for next day.That’s my story for first time here.Greetings till next time.

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