Why can not we live without hate

White people,black people,Muslims,Christians,ateists,Croatians,Serbians,rich people,poor people,smart people,”smart” people,gay people and many other.
Why we think we are better than other people.We are all people,we are all same.
Why we can not be like animals.They are smart.They defend each other.We fighting and killing each other.If we continue like this in few years there will be only animals on planet.We do not understand that.When we figure out that it will be too late.We spend millions of dollars on weapons.What is the reason of that killing?Because we invented some shit reasons in our stupid heads.People from the top who call in wars they are all still here,but people who take the weapons and go fight they are not here anymore.Their families go on cemetery every year.Why we need that? Why we listen few people from the top?We are not stupid.Why we can not live in piece?Why is that hard live without killing every day?Why we hate each other that much?We do not even know them?
I was born in time when Croatia and Serbia were in a war,but I do not hate Serbian people.I even have some friends from Serbia.Really good friends.My opinion is that only brave people can live without hating.These are the people who have passed something bad in their lives and they know how is it when you lose someone.Great respect to those people.

Thanks for reading.

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