Grandata is presenting four research papers at ASONAM 2016

Grandata is very excited to announce that it has been selected to present four papers at the prestigious ASONAM (Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining) conference taking place in San Francisco, CA, August 18–21, 2016.

Carlos Sarraute, Grandata’s director of research, will present a paper titled “A Bayesian Approach to Income Inference in a Communication Network” that discusses a Grandata study in which datasets covering mobile phone communication and banking information were combined and analyzed to identify the level of correlation between bank customer income and social communications. Carlos will discuss the important finding of a strong correlation between income and level of social communications, or homophily in social network analysis, and how this finding was used to generate income inferences for non-bank customer by taking an innovative Bayesian approach. (August 21, 10:00am-12:00pm)

In addition, Grandata Research will present three joint papers. The first, entitled “Analyzing the Spread of Chagas Disease with Mobile Phone Data”, was done jointly with the Mundo Sano Foundation and University of Buenos Aires in which the teams generated risk maps for the Chagas disease in Argentina and Mexico that can be used to prioritize detection campaigns. Juan de Monasterio will present this research during the session on Network, Community, and Cascades (August 21, 1–3pm).

The second joint research, entitled “Higher-order correlations of consumption patterns in social-economic networks”, is a collaboration with our scientific partners from ENS de Lyon and focuses on the detection of multivariate relationships between merchant categories and shows higher-order correlations in individual purchasing habits. Our work provides novel and detailed insight into the connection between social and consuming behavior with potential applications for recommendation system design. The work will be presented by Marton Karsai during Session 7 (August 21, 3:30–5pm).

Grandata’s final joint work will be presented by Maria Oskarsdottir from KU Leuven in the Mining and Analyzing Social Networks for Decision Support workshop. The paper, titled “A Comparative Study of Social Network Classifiers for Predicting Churn in the Telecommunication Industry”, presents a comprehensive analysis of classifiers leveraging the network topology to improve churn prediction. (August 18, 2:30pm)

Finally, Carlos Sarraute from Grandata will serve as chair of the Sampling and Streaming session. (August 20, 10am-12pm).

We are happy to share our advances in Human Dynamics at ASONAM and look forward to meeting you at the conference.