Farewell, Marius Jeskulke

I still vividly remember, when our VP Engineering called me in my car on my way back from Hamburg to Cologne.

A promising backend developer candidate was about to start his assessment and she thought, I just had to see him. So I fired up the BlueJeans app and watched Marius Jeskulke [LinkedIn] pitching. It was immediately obvious: Here we had an engineer at heart, who’d be destined for more.

That was in February, 2016.

Marius stayed in his developer role for just a few weeks and quickly took over responsibility in Business Development, where he recruited, built and grew a fantastic team and established key processes that were essential for our growth during the past few years.

He ultimately became our VP Sales & Operations.

With a smile in one eye and a tear in the other, I see Marius leaving grandcentrix to start his own company around data driven business models.

But why with a smile, you might ask?

On the one hand, Marius journey at grandcentrix is a testament to what one can achieve by being ambitious, willing to take risks and grandcentrix culture of offering opportunities for personal growth. On the other hand — and I repeatedly said this in public — I myself first and foremost am a founder. How could I not understand the aspiration to build your own company?

So yes, with a huge smile I wish Marius all the best for his professional future and for bootstrapping his own business later this year.

I’m confident and sure, on a personal level, our friendship will continue to evolve.

Marius responsibilities for growing grandcentrix has been taken over by Christian Pereira since March 1st.