A breath of fresh air

Having recently spent time in the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit and subsequent third floor follow up, I feel a welling of gratitude for the people who took care of me in any way. I say this in all honesty; there was not one person there who didn’t treat me kindly and generously. I give them all a standing ovation. Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George, Utah, must have an outstanding Quality Assurance program and their employees are truly several giant steps above average. Doctors, therapists, nurses, aids, kitchen staff, and cleaning crew … how can I think them enough? If you are going to be critically ill, I suggest you do it here where the people who care for you really do seem to care about you.

Not wanting to bore you with a lot of the details, let me just say this: Breathing is everything it is cracked up to be. Not being able to take in enough air is frightening and tends to make you realize how precious life is as well as making you very desirous to live and be with your loved ones. I am ever so grateful that our prayers were answered.

As for now, I am doing better every day. I have been walking outside with the assistance of my fancy walker with a seat so I can rest when needed, and a little basket for my oxygen. I manage to push a little farther each time we go for a stroll and it is good to be outside in the fresh air. The last time we walked it was 3/8 of a mile.

I was reading my son-in-law’s blog today about riding his bicycle to work in the cold weather and how happy he was that he didn’t go back for the car because of the weather. I can relate, Brett. It feels good to push yourself a little beyond what you think you can do … even if it is just a few more steps.

Life is good and there are many things to smile about.

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