A Little Birdie Told Me …

A Shared Entrée from my Personal Journal, July 11, 2013

I went out this afternoon to sit in the front yard, forgetting for a silly minute that it was 108 in the shade! I decided to water a couple of dry spots on the lawn while out there with all of my oxygen apparatus, so I turned the nozzle on the hose and began spraying the parched patch of grass that is just outside of the reach of the automatic sprinklers.

I finished with the closer spot and moved towards a dry area by the north tree however, my oxygen hose wouldn’t reach as far as I needed it to, which prompted me to change the nozzle from spray to a straighter, more forceful stream that reached farther out. It made a beautiful arch right to where I needed it to go, but a little rogue spray shot off with a mind of its own and the afternoon sun hitting those individual droplets of water made them sparkle until they seemed to explode with reflective color.

While admiring the beauty of the moment I noticed a tiny little hummingbird a few feet forward of me and to my right. It was hovering close to that smaller, misbehaving spray , and cocking its tiny little head in my direction as if trying to decide whether or not I could be trusted to not send it tumbling to kingdom come. I must have passed muster because it soon began to dance beautifully in the water, swaying and bowing to an orchestral accompaniment it alone could hear.

After a magnificent performance it suddenly pulled up and looked at me again before bravely dipping down and beneath the larger, faster arch of water … as if she (I’d quickly decided on her gender after such a spontaneous little recital), had decided to fly back for her turn at her well hidden nest of eggs.

Instead, she turned around and dipped back under the arch and buzzed quickly back and forth two or three times, as if to say, “Yippee, look at me! How brave is that?”, and then she buzzed up to sit on a small branch above my head where she preened and shook off and prettied herself up before hovering briefly in front of me and flying quickly out of sight.

I wonder … Is she the same little hummingbird who has been coming to hover right in the middle of our big east window once or twice every day to peek inside and see what we are up to? Do you think Mother sent my new little summer pal to check on me for her? Today’s encounter only lasted a couple of minutes, yet every time I remember, it brings a smile to my heart.

humming bire
This picture is of a beautiful hummingbird that is part of a pair that my sister, Ann Peart, and I gave to our mother several years after our father passed away. Mother loved hummingbirds and we thought they would remind her of us and the love we three shared. After mother’s death Ann and I each took one to remind us of the same thing. When I set this one in the sun, the colors sparkle and it sways gently to any breeze that comes its way.
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