Granify Director of Data Science Marcin Mizianty Talks About Solving eCommerce Challenges With Machine Learning

Marcin goes deeper into how the solution revolves around Granify’s decision engine, the “Granify brain,” which utilizes real time machine learning to identify shopper objections, then determines what actions should be taken to address them and increases the probability of conversion. Watch the video for more!

Marcin Mizianty (Data Science Director at Granify) holds a PhD in Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems from the University of Alberta, Canada, and an MSc in Applied Computing Science from AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland. He has published over 30 scientific, peer-reviewed publications and has over 10 years of practical academic and industry experience with Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics. For the last three years, he has been responsible for managing and coordinating Data Science and Big Data initiatives at Granify. Marcin is also highly involved in Edmonton’s Data Science community, including co-founding the monthly Edmonton Data Science Meetup at Startup Edmonton.