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The Trump Network on the Graph Commons platform.

The Trump Network

The Trump rings of relations make the network map. View of the graph model on Graph Commons.

The main relation types

Clicking on the nodes open their node card on Graph Commons.
The distribution of organizations based on their connections in the Trump Network.

What are the most central organizations?

The distribution of people based on their connections in the Trump Network.

Who are the most connected people?

Nominees are connected to Donald Trump with red lines.

Where are the nominees of Trump cabinet located in the network?

Cluster analysis ofthe Trump Network, calculated based on shared connections and colored separately.

Clusters of power in the Trump Network

Section of the Kushner cluster from the Trump Network
Goldman Sachs is a bridge between the Kushner companies and Trump’s immediate cluster.
Stephen Bannon, Steven Mnuchin, and Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs are between the Trump cluster and Kushner companies.

Explore the Trump Network yourself

  1. Explore the interactive map further here, share your findings, embed the interactive map from Graph Commons into your article.
  2. Contribute with your own data, map relations yourself, contribute to the Buzzfeed’s TrumpWorld and’s Trump related profiles.
  3. Develop an app that watches the actors in the Trump Network, collects data and uses the metrics. See the Graph Commons API.
  4. Explore the data in your own database, see Michael Hunger’s guide for exploring in a Neo4j database instance.



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