Open-Sourcing GraphCMS and Upcoming API Improvements

2017 was an exciting year for us and the GraphQL community. For those who wonder what was going on, we prepared a blog post for you! We want to start the year 2018 with an exciting announcement. But at first, lets move back in time a little.

This was the resonance of a friendly twitter user on our launch day on August 1st. We feel you, @bAdmArk. Today we have some good news for you!

Drum roll please 🥁

We are starting to open source parts of our stack and the first element is going to be our dashboard, the web application you see when you log into GraphCMS.

This will allow our active community to build customized editors and extensions. Also, this will allow you to contribute to our ecosystem and help us fixing bugs faster.

Before we release the source, we are heavily improving our code base, so writing your own editors or extensions will be easy as pie. In the same turn, we are improving the performance and reducing the bundle size drastically. We learnt a lot in the last years and now we want to apply this knowledge to provide a much improved experience to our content developer community. Expect the release of the source in the first quarter of 2018.

Back then, it wasn’t the right time to release the source. Sometimes it just makes more sense to wait until there is a stable code base established.

We are very much looking forward to contributions from our community, such as the Gatsby source plugin.

Upcoming API Improvements 🔮

More than a year ago, we teamed up with Graphcool to provide our users the most advanced GraphQL APIs on the market. As their product matures, our customers will greatly benefit from those constant improvements. Within the next weeks, we will prepare our infrastructure to move to the upcoming Graphcool API version 1.0. This is a major release and existing projects can be migrated at any time. The new version will give your project APIs new super powers, such as: filters on lists 🎉, aggregations, updateMany & deleteMany, cascading deletes and many more. More detailed information on this will follow soon!

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