GraphGrail Ai and the Competition

The Artificial Intelligence market may seem broad and complex, but in reality, most of the market is filled with producers that are incapable of providing quality products. Most AI constructs offered on the market have very limited capabilities and their potential for additional learning has been exhausted.

Even industry giants like Yandex and Apple have failed to produce constructs capable of intelligently coping with NLP technologies and correctly discerning database contents. Yandex’s Alice construct has been called downright “dumb” by German Gref, head of Sberbank, who refused to apply the construct to the banking giant’s systems. Apple’s Siri has seen a significant drop in intelligence, compared to some other AI constructs on the market in recent years.

Many smaller projects are not faring any better as they either lack funding to produce quality constructs or are simply lacking any sufficiently advanced data resources to be able to build better offerings.

GraphGrail Ai, as an independent project, strives to breach the gap between the real world’s expectations of AI and the future by utilizing its immense databases and the capabilities granted by blockchain technologies. The project does have competitors, but an objective comparison of its platform with such constructs as MS Azure, IBM Watson, Yandex Toloka and Dandelion API proves the advantages that GraphGrail Ai provides.

Unlike its competitors, the GraphGrail Ai platform is easy to use and has immense usability potential and capacity for scaling. In addition, the blockchain solution and dataset resources allow for better text targeting, API provision and crowd labeling of data.

GraphGrail Ai also provides components and algorithms that do not require programing, are easy to use with the help of an Ai-designer, and a drag-n-Drop interface to create custom solution with components and ready to use algorithms employing text classification and NEL. The competition copes poorly with such tasks and does not provide such flexibility.

Full cycle solutions are also provided on the GraphGrail Ai platform as it can connect with any type of source (Social media, internal database) and contains pre-configured integration with data templates along with a chat-bot builder and classification feature allowing Import & Export of data the way the user chooses (JSON, email, etc.) GraphGrail Ai competition does not provide for any of these features, not even for a premium fee.

A business specific crowd labeling specialist on the platform is also provided only by GraphGrail Ai, and the blockchain and token economy is used to cut the costs. A transparent and honest blockchain-based marketplace datastore, blockchain-based quality checking for crowd data-labeling, and automatic rating system for platform participants all provide for higher efficiency. The competition has omitted businesses almost entirely and has negated any aspect of convenience in the development of their constructs.

In addition, GraphGrail Ai provides ready to use semantic categories that are already pre-installed, while the competition requires additional payments for such features. The same applies for typical business workflow automation with GraphGrail Ai, while the competition forces businesses to spend on high salaries for recruitment and maintenance of highly qualified employees to solve such tasks. The easy to customized solution provided on the GraphGrail Ai platform is an immense advantage, while the competition requires customized solutions at premium fees.

The final advantage is the monetization feature that GraphGrail Ai provides, unlike the competition. The platform allows for purchasing from 3000 queries per day, from $30 to $500 per month, while the Dandelion API provides only from 2000 queries per day, up to $750 per month.

Taking into account the realities of the market and the competition that has dominated it with poor quality products aimed at maximizing the developer’s profit with little room for user maneuvering, it becomes clear that the presence of a competitor like GraphGrail Ai is a much needed reprieve and the solution that businesses have been waiting for.