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Jan 27, 2018 · 6 min read

GraphGrail Ai, the world’s first Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding technology with the DApps marketplace has developed a Monitoring Service application on the basis of the GG AI platform.

Monitoring Services Product Offering

The Monitoring Service was specifically designed with businesses and government authorities in mind as its end users as it allows for tracking feedback, including complex linguistically formulated opinions on various problems, products, process the received data accordingly, analyze it in accordance with established parameters and release results in comprehensible formats.

You can choose one of ready made solutions (banking monitoring, emotional analisys,
identification of extremism)

In the atmosphere of the current marketplace, all companies are forced to apply monitoring services to gather feedback from target audiences and potential clients. Such services are applied to company websites, social media pages and related product and services forums to collect valuable feedback from end users. The information is then analyzed and applied to improve customer experience. Most companies use monitoring of social media for several key tasks.

1) Analysis of competitors;

2) Analysis of feedback about the company (product);

3) Analysis of the work of SMM / Marketing / Advertising departments;

4) Search for new customers.

Menu: Data processing settings. Model: Tone of statement. You can choose project title, project description, search for mentions of a brand or person.

For each individual company, the specificity of their activities is important for the successful development of their business. GraphGrail Ai has the interests of businesses in mind when developing its products and services. As such, the pioneering blockchain-based project has set out to develop tailored market offerings to allow businesses and large economic entities to effectively and efficiently monitor the informational field for valuable information that would not have been accessible without the application of advanced AI and neural learning constructs that GraphGrail Ai has developed specifically for the given task.

Object / subject markers

Banking Sector Applications

The services and products developed by GraphGrail Ai find their application in various fields, including globe-spanning industries. The banking sector is one such example as with the help of social networks, banks are able to attract new customers and strengthen their relationships with existing clientele. The increase of cross-selling products and services is of primary importance for all banks and the proper understanding and categorization of client databases for data mining and efficient determination of potential product target audiences is critical for sales. Timely response to all feedback creates the image of a successful and reliable bank that quickly and flexibly solves the problems of its client.

Result analisys

Regardless of the prospects for improvement, the market is currently experiencing a considerable lack of tailored products capable of providing sustainable development and solution of problems.

The trend on the market is the abundance of data that cannot be logically and efficiently mined or analyzed to reveal key information that would lead to effective solutions. The issues at large for the banking sector include understanding what clients are writing as feedback about the bank, its products, mode of operation, service efficiency, security and customer relations. In addition, important issues that all banks are interested in for revealing potential niches are the problems experienced by competitors. This leads to the necessity of applying effective monitoring mechanisms that are customizable, capable of learning and do not experience scaling issues that would otherwise hamper the search for input parameters.

GraphGrail Ai Answers

The service developed by GraphGrail Ai allows banks to respond quickly to problems and negative feedback from clients, eliminating inefficient workflow operations and improving customer experience. Tracking of the products of competitors becomes an achievable and productive task as the service maintains databases of competitor offerings and compares them to a set of parameters entered into the system to reveal competitive advantages and opportunities. In addition, the service also tracks the issues that competitors are having with their product lines, expanding the playing field to attracting competitors’ customers to tailored products developed on the basis of data received from the analysis.

The management of implementation of new products and understanding the trend of market movement is a primary factor of the service developed by GraphGrail Ai. The given service allows for increased efficiency in workflow organization and the analysis of market movements. With the market developing faster than most companies can keep track, the AI solution provides scaling solutions that allow shrinkage of masses of aggregated data into comprehensible results used for making decisions on future actions.

Not all banks respond quickly to client complaints and keeping statistics and records on the speed of responses allows banks to effectively determine weak points in the workflow process. By applying the AI, banks will be able to improve customer experience and develop systems that can automate interaction with clients, thus speeding up service operations and improving the bank’s image. Analyzing the speed of competitors’ response to feedback for better management of reputation and the level of the bank’s responsibility in the eyes of the client is also made available through the application of GraphGrail Ai’s unique Monitoring Service application.

Expanded Application

Apart from classical operational modes, the Monitoring Service allows businesses to identify information bursts emerging in social networks at an early stage and react to it promptly. The GraphGrail Ai service can perform much more complicated tasks that can be useful not only to businesses, but also to the authorities protecting ordinary citizens.

In the current geopolitical and security situation prevalent in the world, there is a real danger of renewal of protest waves among audience of informal communities in social networks for the following reasons:

• Increased political activity related to federal elections;

• Irritation with socio-economic problems, corruption;

• Factors of group solidarity.

Illegal statements and slogans are very diverse and multidimensional, and are difficult to classify. A social network record alone can contain several different abstract thesis, including nationalist, extremist, religious contexts, as well as calls for violence and unrest, anti-Semitism and many others. Slogans and appeals vary greatly in their format. They can be called any number of terms in social networks, from auto rides, walks, occupation movements, etc. They also differ in geography and in the ultimate goals they pursue. It is also of vital importance to note that such calls and terms can be instigated from abroad by hostile factions or nations aiming to destabilize the situation inside the country.

GraphGrail Ai has conducted a comprehensive research and has determined firmly that its system allows for monitoring compliance with legislation on the Internet, monitoring campaigning, preventing at an early stage the incipient of “orange revolutions” and other illicit activities.

As such, the service allows state authorities to make effective decisions on monitoring violations at elections and during election campaigns, promptly receiving notification on calls for illegal actions and rallies in social networks, identifying mentions of parties and politicians in texts, revealing in texts any promises, insults, etc., processing of thousands of comments and posts, and uploading of reports in a convenient format (.xls)

How it works

The system works with a prior preparation procedure including:

1) Statement of the problem to be analyzed;

2) Customization of parameters;

3) Campaigns (keywords, sources).

The work process is the next stage as the input parameters are entered in the following format:

4) Morphology setting;

5) Data collection;

6) Processing references.

The result of the process are displayed after the system has compiled the data based on the parameters and displays it accordingly:

7) A dashboard with data, including lists of posts and comments, graphics and other supporting analysis data.


The Monitoring Service can find a much more diverse application in any industry, where it is necessary to quickly and efficiently process a large amount of information from social networks and other network sources. In the given article, we have given the example of only two cases of how the Monitoring Service can be applied, who can make use it and its functionality. Despite the fact that GraphGrail Ai has not even started its TGE (Token Generating Event), the project has already showcased ready-made products. By February 19, the start of the Token Sale, GraphGrail Ai plans to present to the world even more interesting solutions for business and other areas of our lives.

Graph Grail AI

GraphGrail Ai — is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding technology with the DApps marketplace Fill the form — main Crowdsale (ICO)

TGE GraphGrail Ai

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GraphGrail Ai — is the Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding technology with the DApps marketplace.

Graph Grail AI

GraphGrail Ai — is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding technology with the DApps marketplace Fill the form — main Crowdsale (ICO)

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