GraphGrail Ai to Establish Partnership with Russian Universities

The GraphGrail Ai project has begun conducting operations directed at establishing working relations with leading Russian universities. After a series of successful meetings, GraphGrail Ai is entering negotiations with MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), RUSNANO, ROSATOM, SFEDU and other universities.

The higher educational institutions are interested in working with the GraphGrail Ai database and platform, as well as offering the scientific work and efforts of their staff to the development of the project. In addition, work on the joint creation of a new platform is being discussed, which will be used to monitor the completion of tasks by students, thus identifying potential future employees for various companies in the scientific field.

This endeavor will allow GraphGrail Ai to be incorporated into the social programs of universities and be present in the public domain, providing workplaces for future specialists. The masses of information involved will be processed using the GraphGrail Ai database and technological infrastructure.

As a highly advanced project with an immense vestment in the development of hi-tech solutions aimed at solving everyday issues for facilitating the lives of millions, GraphGrail Ai is focused on establishing working relations with key institutions in the social sector. Incorporation of the project into the social infrastructure will allow faster provision of solutions and broadening of the database, thus facilitating work for all participants of the platform and, as a result, life for society in the long run.

The project continues marching along its established roadmap. Stay tuned for more updates as the team attends various events around the world and reaches milestones in project development.