[TGE] Week 15 and 16: Dynamic Activities of GraphGrail Ai in Demo Day, AI Conference and WORLD BLOCKCHAIN FORUM Conferences.

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May 7, 2018 · 5 min read

09.04- 15.04

An important event of the week was speech in the , the South of Russia investor conference oriented at investors and startups of different industry sectors. Event participants included the Government of the Rostov Region and representatives of leading companies of the Rostov Region, the Southern Federal District and North Caucasian Federal District.

Viktor Nosko, GraphGrail Ai leader, represented the team in the event. In his speech, Viktor told that many professions would disappear in the nearest future; this is also confirmed by multiple research. Currently, there are many AI and blockchain companies. On the one hand, AI absorbs low-skilled, automated jobs and delegates them to “robots”, and on the other hand, blockchain resolves the issue of trust, like in bank operations, for example. With the decentralized platform, GraphGrail Ai is at the junction of the two trends. Taking part in the conference also included presentation of the functioning blockchain MVP and highlighting platform case studies. Besides, Mysmartchat project was also among Demo Day participants. This project is the first service to run on the algorithms and design of GraphGrail Ai blockchain platform.

By results of the conference, the team has been awarded with the certificate by Sberbank that entitles the company to access bank’s business customers and offer their solution for relevant tasks.

Speech of the thought leader was captured on video coming soon.

Within a week, the team has completed video about MVP, and video interviews with every team member telling of their contribution in the project activities.

16.04- 22.04

Prominent news of the last week were company’s round table in (Moscow) and GraphGrail Ai taking part in (UAE, Dubai).

April 19, GraphGrail Ai team arranged the round table at the international AI Conference dedicted to artificial intelligence and AI business solutions. The scope of discussions held in the conference included AI capabilities for business, AI application for certain business tasks, issues and main difficulties of implementing AI in the vast economic operations.

Participants of the roundtable discussion: Elena Kozerenko, representative of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the Laboratory of Computer Linguistics and Cognitive Technologies of Text Processing of IT and Management Federal Research Center; Olga Kajrova, representative of iPavlov project, head of the department of cooperation, deputy head of the Laboratory of Neural Systems and Artificial intelligence of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; Ivan Doronin, data science specialist; Artemiy Malkov, representative of Datamonsters, data analysis and processing company assisting to Russian startups; and Ivan Sudos, founder of Robonomica, the data analysis and AI-based business solutions project.

The round table gave rise to strong partnership of academic and business representatives, and joint work on AI integration in the business sector. An important achievement of the conference is arrangement of cooperation with iPavlov and invitation of the Russian Academy of Sciences to take part in future academic readings in Moscow and AI conference in Las-Vegas. Besides, the team has gained multiple business contacts from both investors and companies wishing to cooperate in AI sphere. The team has also received requests from business seeking to solve application tasks with neural network big data (for example, from the Chelyabinsk Smelter).

WORLD BLOCKCHAIN FORUM took place in Dubai, April 16–17. In this conference, GraphGrail Ai endeavored an important mission of presenting their project to foreign investors and foundations. Viktor Nosko, the project leader, attended the conference.

During the first day, Viktor got acquainted with multiple investors and projects, partnerships with which was actively discussed (Agora Ai, Neurochain etc.). It’s worth noting that AI and blockchain projects are very popular in the UAE and are a successful solution for investments.

In the second day of the conference, an invitation-only event was held to offer direct contact for investors and companies. Here, Viktor got acquainted with the owner of Rbcmoney, the payment system, where e-payments can be completed from a personal computer or mobile devices, with the system owner searching for cooperation with blockchain companies and showing interest to GraphGrail Ai project. Another project introduced to him was the Russian project boasting experience of multiple ICOs. In the conference, the teams shared their experience of ICOs with minimized costs.

On the third day, GraphGrail founder took part in the completely invitation-only event, where investors and venture funds were invited. This day, only four projects were introduced, with two of them dedicated to AI (essentially, these were GraphGrail Ai and Legerium). The team negotiated possible further cooperation with the latter project.

Currently, the team intensively analyzes the contacts obtained during the last conferences and negotiates with partners that can be useful for the company.

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GraphGrail Ai — is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding technology with the DApps marketplace Fill the form — main Crowdsale (ICO)

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Graph Grail AI

GraphGrail Ai — is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding technology with the DApps marketplace Fill the form — main Crowdsale (ICO)