What is the GAI token (GraphGrail AI)?

A token is a unit of account in the blockchain network used to represent the digital balance of a certain asset. Accounting for tokens is based on technologies that are available through special applications using electronic signature algorithms.
 In the world of cryptocurrencies, tokens are called electronic units that are issued for the following tasks — sale of shares, lending and monetization of additional services for network users, lending, storage of value as shares, attraction of financing through the creation of decentralized blockchain networks and functional utility within platforms.
 The main purpose of utility tokens is to pay for internal network services of a particular project. Their availability allows the user to access additional functions, features and capabilities in a decentralized network. It should be noted that tokens and cryptocurrencies are two different things. For example, Steemit users receive tokens for placing content, promoting or creating new features. In this case, the token is a referral reward.
 In the GraphGrail Ai blockchain, tokens are called GAI (GraphGrail AI). Platform services are provided based on the SaaS business model — software as a service. A subscription model is used with a monthly, semiannual or annual subscription payment. We provide flexible tariff plans, depending on the volume of data processed per month, analytics, number of sources, etc. API requests are separately charged.

Tokens are issued for the creation, improvement and testing of language models. Since users will create models and share them, they need a public database that would protect them and their creations. The advantage of using blockchain technologies in comparison with classical development of a closed project is the technology of accelerated development of AI. Tasks that used to take 5 data-savvy specialists can now attract hundreds of thousands of developers from all over the world. Other advantages include integration with block-site-media platforms for block access and data transmission for the training of artificial neural networks. The solutions marketplace for business in the language sector gives developers complete freedom to “cross” models and obtain new solutions.
 By analogy with block-media platforms like Steemit and Golos (golos.io), tokens are paid to users in accordance with an internal formula, the main parameters of which are:
 • The average complexity of the model and the number of words and turns in it;
 • The complexity of the subject area;
 • The presence or absence of public domain data for the domain;
 • Size of the learning and markup dataset;
 • Difficulty of markup of the dataset;
 • Number of layers in an artificial neural network;
 • Number of neural network learning epochs;
 • Accuracy and revocation indicators for the end result when testing data;
 • Demand for business solutions;
 • The number of API requests required for business tasks.
 In accordance with the principles of fairness, the platform is a network for key developers. At the same time, all intellectual property created using the GraphGrail Ai platform is stored and protected.
 Here are the advantages for platform users from the use of utility tokens:

1- Platform users will receive access to special features of the platform on a fair, transparent and accountable basis;

2- The tokens applied on the platform will be free from speculation as their number will be limited with no further emissions and their price will be formed fairly on the basis of market demand for platform services;

3- The tokens retain value as long-term investment portfolio additions given their real-world application on a product generating platform;

4- The tokens act as internal platform currency for payments among platform participants, thus formulating a fair, transparent and instantaneous basis for transactions.